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If you want to find out more about our common interest association, this is the right place for it. You will find everything you need to know about our history, achievements, events, and the latest trends here, in fact, a complete overview of our purpose and our work. You will also find information on membership and can download the application form.



Useful information

Friends United is dedicated to "Helping Teachers Teach."

We have opportunities for young and old to volunteer for our cause. Interested? Just email or call, get to know some of our projects, and find out what opportunities there are for you -any assistance you are willing to give is appreciated.

Any questions?

Call our office at (816) 919-1025 or use our contact form if you have any questions, requests or suggestions.

Education Professionals Needed

To a large extent, an association is given purpose through the commitment and enthusiasm of its members. Yet we are just as much indebted to our many sponsors and patrons, whose valued support ensures that our association remains active, alive and well.


In addition, we are in need of education professionals with the ability to speak Spanish. 

Donating School Supplies

In most Honduran communities children are required to bring a note book and writing utensil to school in order to be accepted as a student. Friends United strives to allow all children the opportunity receive an education. Something as small as a notebook and pencil can make all of the difference. We collect new and used school supplies year round and deliver the items once a quarter. Help us make a difference.

The right opportunities for everyone

Put your skills and talents to work and embrace the joys of building a better world. Friends United is rapidly growing and there are a multitude of opportunities to get involved. We are currently looking for individuals that can assist in fundraising events and general fundraising operations. 

Donating Materials

Educational materials are needed to aid in student development. Honduran teachers currently lack the necessary tools for success in the classroom. All year, Friends United, accepts donations to aid the education professionals. Monetary donations are always accepted as well as items such as, ​tape, tissues, tacks, paper, pencils, reference books, scissors, rulers, stapler, crayons, colored pencils, binders, highlighters, markers, folders, etc. 

Our partners and sponsors

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